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Questions d'entretiens - Account Manager


Questions d'entretien de Account manager partagées par les candidats

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what's your computer broadwidth ?

1 réponse

i don't know , but it is good enough for me

if somebody yells at you on the phone what will be your answer?

1 réponse

What do you know about header bidding ?

1 réponse

If a customer place a big order but does not follow the merchandisng policy, what would you do?

Why do you like sales?

1 réponse

normal interview questions about experience and others, what salary do you expect, what are your best skills and thngs like this

1 réponse

- ce que vous connaissez du Groupe, les marques etc - expériences - motivations pour avoir choisi le groupe - missions par rapport aux études marketing..

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