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On a demandé à un Actuary...10 août 2017


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None, re-worded the job description when I started asking questions.

Applicant: I am not sure I understand. You want me to enroll in a class and pay you a fee up front? Recruiter: Are you sure this is for you? Have you had this, that, and the other class? Applicant: Doesn't your fee come from the hiring company? I meet the descriptions of the job. Recruiter: I don't think this is for you. I need to shove more mashed potatoes in my mouth. Moins


Explain the Bornhuetter-Ferguson method.

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Be able to articulate that this is a weighting between development of historical losses (chain-ladder) and an expected loss ratio. Moins

In BF method we consider basic chain ladder merthod i e past patterns as wellas loss ratio i.e clain per unit of premium related to current data. So it provide a good combination . Moins

Hymans Robertson

What is your favourite team you are part of and why

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Hey there, any possibility I could get an idea of the questions they asked you? Thank you. Moins

GPM Investments

how you prepare for exam

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How many cubic feet in a cubic yard? I was just so caught off guard by this as he just pulled it out in the middle of the interview when I was talking about my current job.

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What would you do in a situation where your manager is out of the office and there is an urgent request to do something that you don't have formal authority to do?

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This was tricky. I explained that I would try to be sure to discuss such potential situations with my manager before they came up in practice to have a good plan about how this sort of thing should be approached. In this particular case, I'd respond to the request and give my preliminary analysis but would emphasize to the requester that it was pending approval from higher up. I'd then reach out to someone else at my manager's level or higher to get their opinion on whether additional sign-off/review would be necessary. The interviewer who asked this question was kind of poker-faced but didn't seem too satisfied with that answer. Moins


How did you cope with a group member who you disagreed with?

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Lincoln Financial Group

Is there a specific actuarial track you're interested in?

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I responded by saying I am open to all opportunities at the time. With limited industry experience I don't want to become to fixated on a single track and therefore limit opportunities for myself. Moins



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did they give you feedback


Have you taken a class that required a lot of reading?

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I believe he was looking for if I was willing to do the work necessary to study for and pass the actuarial exams. After I answered, he mentioned that there was a lot of reading that goes along with the later exams. Moins

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