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Emerson Climate Technologies
On a demandé à Advanced Manufacturing Engineer...29 mars 2019

most of the questions was if you been in this situation what you will do, what if you have lots of work to do and you have family issue, what if your coworker did that, what do you do if you made a mistake

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just had to use you tube and its all easy to answer from previous situation i been Moins

Karma Automotive

What if scenario on building facilities at different volumes. What inputs could be used to achieve outcomes. What if anything could I add to the outcomes of the various scenarios that were in discussion.

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Very good discussions very two sided conversations.


Why do you want to work for GE?

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Discussed the history, current and previous innovative projects. Career prospects and exposure to industry Moins


Previous Experience

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Just tell your previous experience

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

Mostly a quick wrap up of CV and some technical questions.

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Hallo, ich habe morgen ein Telephoninterview. Was muss man denn alles als advanced Manufacturing Engineeer wissen? Muss man nur seinen Lebenslauf wieder erklären oder werden auch konkrete fachliche Fragen gestellt?Lief denn das Gespräch auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Danke im voraus für die Hilfe. Moins

GE Healthcare

Cannot remember the questions. But mainly focused on yourself. Like what motivates you that kind of questions. I guess its because this job is entry level. HR was very nice. Gave me advice on the phone interview. Like preparing a English introduction, and maybe some technical questions.


Describe the steps you'll use to solve a technical problem


how do you handle difficult situations


Have you worked in cross functional teams


Asked questions on business management and how to analyze data.

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