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On a demandé à un Aerospace Production Manager...30 septembre 2019

I left after on computer questioning, safety video, taking a picture, showing my id, hand filling a 6-page application, and then I he receptionist, with a stupid smile, highlighting the salary section of the application and placing sticky notes on the application. There was no reason for me to proceed forward. I did explain to the receptionist why I was leaving. There were other people in there for interviews and were asking for the same person as me, and there was no one expecting the candidates. I got there on-time and left after 20 minutes of nonsense.

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Who fills out paper applications in the year of 2019 of a managerial position? Attached is the highlights and sticky notes. Moins

Canadian Armed Forces

Questions are very straight forward. Some questions are about your previous experience, how your experience will be helpful to the job you applied

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