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On a demandé à un Air Quality Engineer...29 mai 2013

There weren't any really difficult questions.

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I applied AECOM for document controller position last 2 month many times but Aecom is not giving me feed back for my job application. I try to call Aecom office but there is no response on time also, Thanks Moins

Found excellent read:


why erm and how do i organize myself

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environmental stewardship and calanders


What is your weakness

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I'm not competitive.

South Coast Air Quality Management District

General questions regarding air quality engineering experience/projects

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Don't really remember. The questions were way too generic.

Trinity Consultants

How do you prepare for a meeting?

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Set agenda for the meeting, call the concerned parties to check their availability at the proposed time, then send email to all of them with the agenda of the meeting and the points that will be discussed listed according to the priority. Moins


Could I work more than 40 hours per week?

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I answered that I could, but that in my experience in air quality and engineering. good work products do not always result when people are tired and stressed, that in many cases more hours in air quality do not lead to better results for clients. Moins


Tell me a time you say someone do something unsafe

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Told what I saw, what I did about it, and the result of that situation


Tell me about yourself What was your recent job like?

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Well, I went over my resume in depth.

Air Sciences

Q: If you were on a remote jobsite working on a piece of equipment and something appeared to be broken or not working, how would you handle that?

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My response, I believe was: Depending on the exact circumstance, I would do any or all of 3 options. Contact my supervisor to see if they had experienced such a problem before and how they resolved it, read through the equipmen manufacturers operations manual if available, or contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot the problem. Ideally, one of these options would resolve the issue. Moins


Why did you apply for the position

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I'm very impressed by the company's mission statement and culture.

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