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On a demandé à un Aircraft Maintenance Engineer...1 avril 2014

Technical issues

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Have to use the manual

Please what is technical issues quest?

Lockheed Martin

How would you handle an employee who is acting up and refusing to perform assigned task?

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Ask individual to talk out of sight of other to prevent being fueled from others or adding fuel to others. Isolate and speak level to them and ask questions to get to the root. If all basic actions fail, discipline fair and consistent and don't fold over any actions after to prevent being seen as inconsistent or weak to the team. Moins

how would you be able to tackle an aircraft deficiency in a critical time ?


What is a time or example of you leading a safety precaution


Fuel System, refueling procedures and refueling on batteries and with MLI

Volga-Dnepr Gulf

Previous experience and current aircraft rating

no difficult questions

What is your expected salary?

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Let me hear your offer to be fair and I am open for negotiation.

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