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On a demandé à un Aircraft Mechanic...6 juin 2018

How do you motivate others?

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Treat people kindly

Being a emotional intelligent

By giving technical idea. Tell him about technical line like as telecom field.

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The Emirates Group

Tell me about yourself? Very basic aircraft maintenance practices.

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I am result driven and a valuable and meaningful member of any team I belong, one basic maintenance practice I know is when an aircraft is about to take-off the engineers will take a quick look at the Landing Gears just to make sure they are in order Moins

My name is Sami Al-Thubaiti. My age is 39 years of experience in the private sector. I have 16 years of management and sales. I have a bachelor's degree in management and economics from King Abdulaziz University. I have 15 training courses in management, human resources and customer service, 3 certificates in English from the British Institute and courses between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates United Nations Moins

I'm Rishi , my age is 24 year , my negative place sircilla, I completed post graduate diploma in hotelmanagment, in Ista international college of hotelmanagment in 2017, I'm completed in intermediate in Ap college in 2013 I have 6 Month experience in service department. Moins

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What types of inspections/maintenance have I performed on aircraft engines?

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Check all the filter and oil.any dust in remove the filter, And change the new filter Moins

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Moins

This looks so good:

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Lockheed Martin

Are you ready to work for the #1 contract aviation company in the world?

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This looks so good:

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Why did you not want to stay at your old job?

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There was no room for advancement and I'm looking for a long term commitment to make as a career . Moins

Diarrhea a lot

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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United Airlines

why you want to work for United

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Not exactly. You need to know some maintenance basics, such as ATA chapters numbers and to what subjects they are related to. Moins

main career. One of the prestigious airline in the us.

What is the written test about ? Is it the same FAA a&p test from school?

Northrop Grumman

Are you willing to work overtime?

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Absolutely, I would work any amount of overtime that is needed, as well as, complete the job with efficiency and safety. Moins

Lockheed Martin

Are you a US citizen?

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

American Airlines

If I would be willing to relocate

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that was not a problem

That was not a problem

I would be willing to relocate.

AAA Canada

How much experiance do you have with production. Do you mind shift work. Do you have any children.

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15years and 3 children

I have more then 13 years Experience in Modification overhall and repair of aircraft componentc. I have 1 child. Moins

Many years working in the aviation world, including time in the CAF, and private aviation business throughout the world. fixing things with wings is what I do. Moins

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