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On a demandé à un Algorithm Design & Development Engineer...17 décembre 2017

Tell me a situation when you have a conflict with your co-worker. How did you solve it?

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STAR Approach

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Tell us about a time when you suggested an innovative solution and it was implemented?

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I gave an example from my relevant research work in Grad school, tried to use the STAR procedure. Moins


Image processing, C++, computer vision questions

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How was image processing interview?


what is the difference between struct and class?

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what is the time complexity of DFS?

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In a situation, where the team member did not cooperate and how did I deal with it?

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As a team lead, I first analysed the situation and make a note of each team members responsibilities and their input. Speak to the member (trouble- maker) in person and see i there is particular reason for not participating. I got the reason so I could help (find a source to help) and yes... we got our work done. Moins


About resume and experience.


Describe a project that you have worked on that you are proud of.


Detailed questions about how specific signal processing algorithms worked.

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What do you know about the job you applied? Skills and responsibilities?


How did you learn about us? Do you know *insert technology unrelated to job description or background*?

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