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On a demandé à un Analytical Chemist...27 novembre 2023

Why do you want to work for this company?


why do you want to work here


What is special and different about particular organization that influences the daily work.

Eurofins Scientific

Give a scenario where you have exhibited your problem solving skills

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I was fresh from university so my reference is a scenario where I had to inform my TA regarding a discrepancy with the raw materials in Organic Chemistry. Moins

Butterworth Laboratories

A lot of technical questions (I interviewed for a chromatography position): how does the instrument work (HPLC); what kind of detectors there are and how they work; how do you prepare for an analysis; what kind of troubleshooting do I know; difference between accuracy and precision; what are the steps of method validation; how to use a pipette (step by step in details). Questions about how I organise my day and my work; how would I act in a stressful situation or conflict with other people; what motivates me; what are my weaknesses/best aptitudes.

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Be as detailed as possible when answering technical questions.


Why do you want to work here

Teva Pharmaceuticals

HR asked about CV, standard questions like why am I applying for this job.


Describe a time you took a risk


1. tell us about a time you did not agree with someone/ challenged a norm.


1. Normal phase HPLC vs. reverse phase HPLC 2. Isocratic vs. Gradient elution 3. Degradation mechanism of drugs 4. Amorphous vs Crystalline solids 5. Separation techniques

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3. hydrolysis, oxidation, photolysis, heat

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