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The Jackson Laboratory
On a demandé à un Animal Care Technician...30 avril 2018

Do you have pets?

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In my opinion, say you don't have pets, because my interview went well and I was overqualified for the position yet somehow I was turned down. They made a face when I said I had cats. In the interview, they said no pet mice, which I don't have but I read on here another person interviewed and I said if you say you have pets you won't get hired. Moins

Big no for cats, snakes, and rodents.

I was asked if I come in contact with rodents, reptiles, or cats. Not necessarily if I own pets, and they provide pet insurance benefits. So I think you're safe saying you have a dog. Moins

Pet Supplies Plus

What do I think of being the most over qualified employee in the building?

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I like animals, and that's the area that I want to work in.

I have 10 years experience experience in dog training and handling

The Jackson Laboratory

Do you own any pets?

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Big no for cats, snakes, and even other rodents.

I was told that Reptiles, birds and most animals can create big problems with the mice and need to be avoided at all costs Moins

Charles River Laboratories

How do you cope to stressful day

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I do a lot of praying,listening to music, and talking to my friends and family members. Moins

Playing with dog is my hobby

Envigo ++++

One thing they asked about that bothered me was asking about what kinds of animals you owned in your own home because as an employee for Harlan you cannot own any kind of reptile, rodent, or exotic pet in your own home, supposedly due to the risk of transferring potential disease to the animals. I can understand this but considering that you dont even wear your own clothes while you work I feel that this is a bit much.

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At the time of my interview, I answered that I owned a dog and a snake and I was told by the temp agency that if I wanted to be considered further for the position I would have to get rid of my snake within the timeframe of the next 7 days. Moins

BTS Research

Q: what would you do if your in a room by your self and you need to do a procedure but you cant ask any one for help, theres no one around?

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Look for a SOP

I would punt the football

Best Friends Pet Care

How much do you care about customer/animal satisfaction?

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I care about safety and well being of animals immensely.

Humane Society of Indianapolis

Are you comfortable with euthanasia

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Yes, but would need to some time to adjust.

International Fund For Animal Welfare

Are you Feasible in this industry?

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I said I am bit feasible and I try my best to learn

Columbia University

Asked about my experience

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Explained my entire resume with each job and details about each one

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