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On a demandé à un Intern Applications Engineer (CAD TESTING)...16 novembre 2013

Not any unexpected questions if you are prepared for this kind of profile.

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how much salary do u get as a intern? sry for personal question but want to know.... Moins

Depends upon team. At my time it was 18k -25k for interns. Now it has much increased to 30k i guess Moins


Given an situation write a sql query for the same

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The situation demended a Update query which i knew


What is your GPA?

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It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Applications Support Engineer Intern experts who've worked at MathWorks, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Moins

I had not anticipated this question thinking it was in my resume already. So I was confused as to whether I was being asked my undergraduate or graduate GPA. I answered both after fumbling for a bit. Moins


How do you create an interface? What are the 4 defining principles of OO programming? Define what an abstract class is. What libraries does .NET use?

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The interface question was extremely vague. Throughout all of my Computer Science courses, I've been taught to create program interfaces from the code, itself. So, I described how to do it in the main() function. However, looking back on it, I think they were looking for a specific answer relating to creating an interface using the .NET menu. Moins


What was your hardest challenge?

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Not a hard question, but it was the hardest question I was faced with.


The word problem posed by the interviewer was exceedingly simple; list all prime numbers between two positive integers, m and n. This was the easiest question I have been asked by a recruiter/interviewer so far.

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Sieve of Eratosthenes works well, as does simply using the modulus-operand approach on every number (inclusive) between m and n. Moins

Texas Instruments

How do you deal with conflict?

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How long did it take them to get back to you with an offer? I had my final round interview for the product test position over 6 weeks ago and I have not heard back yet. How long from your final interview till receiving the offer? Moins


What kind of bugs can a telecom company like Blackberry face?

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Bugs associated to apps in the phone, etc.


What city do you want to travle

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None too difficult - but need to be strong in concepts

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The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the MathWorks or ex-MathWorks Applications Support Engineer Intern experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Moins

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