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Foster + Partners
On a demandé à un Architectural Assistant...31 juillet 2019

VISA status

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I need sponsorship (but usually they don’t give a VISA sponsorship on this level) Moins

What about salary expectations? did they like go along with what you asked for or they told you what they looking to offer you? Moins

Fletcher Priest Architects

How would you with painstakingly long projects that require several revisions?

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With patience and a calm attitude, with the aim to never lose focus from the end goal Moins


To present my own portfolio

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I just present my porfolio


Tell us about your work

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Portfolio presentation

How do you apply the Educational structure and freedom to the Structure of Practice and deadline?

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Well, I am sure you have experienced the 'working' week of university and that tutorials do not take place over long periods of time. i would experience a couple of days to design and revise a concept throughout my educational period and in allot of ways that is similar to the working world. However tutor becomes the surrogate for client. Moins

Millar Howard Workshop

What I knew about the company

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I did my research so I told them about the company values and how they aligned with mine. Moins

Foster + Partners

What do you look to gain from Foster & Partners

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Expressing my own desires

Foster + Partners

to be honest they did not ask anything about me, just explained the work they do in their studio and how stressful and fast paced it is.

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I said I was ok with working in a fast paced environment and asked what were the new projects coming up that I would be working on. Moins

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

They asked questions based on what I told them about the projects.

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I answered each question to the best of my ability, whilst I pointedly defended the concepts demonstrated I was honest about each project. Moins

Adjaye Associates

Why do you think you worth so much?

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Because of my experience.

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