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On a demandé à un Architectural Designer...22 juin 2022

How did Covid affect your studies?

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Being that I was in grad school, I knew effective communication was important. I took the initiative to set up a Google drive to share resources with my colleagues and we would use it to sign up and help each other with Crit sessions. Although they were not receptive to it in the beginning, they eventually started using what I had prepared. This showed me that I had great leadership skills and was willing to put myself out there although prior to being remote, many people did not talk to me in class. Moins


What made you choose architecture as a career path?

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I was always passionate about the built environment and I initially loved architecture from experiencing design in several video games. As I got older, I intuitively started space planning; not only for myself but for my family and peers. Moins


What software you used primarily?

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I stated that I was proficient in all of the most innovative, industry driven programs : IE. Revit, Sketchup, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft and Rhino. The programs were annotated on each page of my portfolio as well. Moins


Go through the portfolio works.

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Explain every work I added in portfolio.


Common questions about design thinking and experiences. One interesting question is that when we were talking about getting inspiration from the internet and books the team lead asked me what was the book I'm reading recently.

SHoP Architects

software and previous work experience

Rockwell Group

Do a walk through with your previous projects

Looking back, what would you have done to improve your favorite project from your portfolio?

Do you have a favorite project in your portfolio and why?

Where are you from? Why Centerbrook?

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