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DP Architects
On a demandé à un Architectural Drafter...29 août 2017

Ask about my background

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Told them about my work history,experience and future plans.

First is introducing personal profile, previous work and what are the role and task and experience from previous employment. Moins


they have hirise building and shed hotel appartments school malls etc

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iam asking i will do my best

Have you got the job there in UCC?

Allied Technical Solutions

Do you familiar with OBC?

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do you know autocad?

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do autocad in screen. show them what you know.

Yes, i know to use autocad software


What type of attitude do i have when it comes to work.

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I deal with people with honesty and loyalty. And i can easily get along with the other nationality but it will still depend on the individuals point of view in interacting with new people. Moins

I am very honest and kind person who can work under the company policy and rules ! Moins

Goody Clancy

How well I knew Revit

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Used Revit in professional setting

Spectrum Comm

My knowledge of AutoCAD, and where did I go to school and what was my grades. How much experience did I have with working on CAD programs.

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ICON Aircraft

What is most important to you?

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Professional growth

Kobi Karp

If I know how to use Autocad and other software

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I know how to use Autocad, sketchup, Lumion.

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