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Steelman Partners
On a demandé à un Architectural Drafter...16 décembre 2021

What software do you know and how much experience do you have?

Master Millwork

Tell us about your previous experience.


Do you have previous experience working with telecommunications?

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What is your Level of experience with Autocad ?

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Basic to intermediate

GKW Architects

The staff all participate in cleaning the office weekly. I was asked if I would be comfortable cleaning all areas, including the bathroom.

Simonds Homes

What's you strength and weakness

Hazen and Sawyer

What type of projects have you worked on?

MASS Design Group

Why are you a good fit for MASS?

Diaz Architects

what is your experience

Landor & Fitch

What do you hope to learn?

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Anything that is Interior Architecture related: Blueprints/Construction documents, and whatever else the title entails. Also, to improve and gains more skills. Moins

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