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On a demandé à un Network Architectures and Protocols Engineer...2 décembre 2012

What are the differences between TCP and WTCP

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I asked for some hint but the interviewer did not offer any, and then I continue on the next question Moins

WTCP cannot replace TCP. WTCP is just a proxy for TCP.


25 horses question, burning candles, matchstick puzzle,etc

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i have provided the answers

The Emirates Group

How many years of experience?

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6 years


Current project architecture and various modules

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explained in details about the architecture.

Oakland County, MI

generally they were situational based (tell me about a time when you had a different opinion than your supervisor)

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responses should then follow a specific format (what was the issue, how did you respond etc) Moins


Subjective question: can you explain/describe various components you may find in modern ARM mobile SoC and how are they connected to each other.

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Subjective answer with a lot of discussion around various components.


Question dealing with I/O in C++. This does not come up very often in hardware modeling.

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I'm not sure. For a hardware model, I connect the model with the TCL package for command-line support and non-timing-critical file I/O. Moins

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

To solve a problem like popping up a notification sometime later in the future but not blocking the main thread, presenting it with any programming language.

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Use a multi-threading method to solve the problem. The syntax did not matter much because he would like to see your thought. Moins


How would you handle incorrect input from a user

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Raise an exception

Design Center

Do you have 3D Max experience?

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