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K. Hovnanian Homes
On a demandé à un Architectural Project Manager...21 octobre 2015

No unusual questions.

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Interviewer seemed uninterested.

HMC Architects

1. self introduction 2. why I get into this professional

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1. general introduction 2. explaining why I like architecture: love it since childhood. Moins


How does your experience on small scale projects prepare you to work on larger scale projects

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While lacking all the square footage, small projects have every bit the amount of complexity of larger projects. In fact the margin of error is much less on a small project since the timelines are usually faster and the budgets are tighter Moins


Work history, reason for wanting to leave

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Need a new professional challenge

Halff Associates

Asked about my current role and responsibilities.

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I described my current position and experience level.


quels sont les 3 grands points importants dans la réussite d'un projet


qualités et defauts

IBI Group

My past experience with my previous employer.

Eclipse Brand Builders

Pretty standard behavioral questions. Questions regarding specific experience.

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