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Mike Niven Interior Design
On a demandé à un ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGIST...6 août 2020

The director wanted to see detailings of residential interior designs. I presented those to him and he asked some technical questions about AutoCAD drafting, such as line weights, layers and so on.

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I showed him my previous work samples with great detailing and use of appropriate line weights in plans and sections. Moins


Why do you want to work with Gensler

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Gensler is a big name by itself, the reputation it has, the projects that the company has worked on. It will give me a platform to work on the best projects and with a team that can enhance my skills to be a better professional. Moins


Asked if I objected to the following "quirky" things about the company: Mandatory 45-hour work week (no mention of overtime pay); ALL staff have to work in the retail stores during busy times, only stat holidays off, no extra time at Christmas, etc.

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I felt that if they expected the person they hired for this technical position to work at their stores when they are busy, they must be looking more for "image" than for talent in this and other positions. I was surprised that the two interviews were not that well-dressed. Moins

IBI Group

Showcase portfolio and explain your role in the project. What phases of construction do you have in your career.

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Explained clearly duties and what drawings I've specifically tackled and what phases of construction I had experience in Moins

IBI Group

What experience do I have with Revit

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2 years of school experience

Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing

Why did you choose to do architecture

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Im passionate about design and im optimistic of good opportunities in the field

IBI Group

Why IBI? What brings you to work with us

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My skills and experience is perfect match for the job advertised and IBI is known for diverse range of projects which helps to learn and enhance professional experience. Moins

Adamson Associates Architects

Tell me about yourself My work experience My skills My knowledge Personality Work environment How was my previous firm My educational background

Glancy Nicholls Architects

Are you passionate about good design and making a difference to peoples lives through the built environment.

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I gave examples of how i had delivered in the past.


Which projects did you manage?

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