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On a demandé à un Armed Guard...5 juin 2017

Nothing really. They only asks you how if you can work weekends.

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Just listen to their BS that how good of a company it is.

yes i am work weekend

no because 1st day of the week is for oyr Lord Jesus

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Why should we hire you? Do you have a reliable car?

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Do you know what type of Drug test it is?

Reed - Virginia

They asked if I had any previous experience.

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I sent my resume and my DD214 and the rest is history

Reed - Virginia

Can you re-attach your DD214 so I can verify your service record.

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SEB Security

Do you have a gun license?

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Walden Security

Asked about management and previous law enforcement or security background.

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were very threatened and put off by my response and resume..

They asked if I had ever had a stressful situation and if so how did I handle it?

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I told them a story of a timr I was robbed in Paris, France. 3 guys took my wallet at knifepoint. I was scared but remained calm and I notified the police when they left. Moins

Do you have moral issues against any social class, race, religion, or gender?

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I remember this question because it came out of the blue after the basic questions. I was not really prepared to answer it because it made me think. I answered no I do not and explained my experiences with both the rich and poor, other races, my religion (christian) and my beliefs on gender equality. Moins

Triple Canopy

What was your experience or position in the military.

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Marine Corps Rifleman team leader

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