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On a demandé à un Art Director/Graphic Designer...30 juillet 2017

Why don't you have B2B or B2C brochures in your portfolio?

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Sorry, all that I show in my portfolio are award winning print campaigns and marketing collateral. Your ad on-line didn't wasn't specific, but I'm sure any good creative can connect the dots. Moins

Wow. Companies should have a creative department even if it's small with a creative person leading it and hiring the best. What a stupid question. Moins

Spindle 360

How do you do with fast timelines and very little direction?

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Hopefully better than you do with former clients and employees.

BMI Elite

Do you know how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign?

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Yes I do. I know Photoshop better than o know InDesign but I am well versed in both. Moins

how much will it cost me

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as much as you you can afford so we can do this on a long term commitment

Spindle 360

Have you had previous agency work?

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Great question! Have you previously been featured in a local news consumer fraud story? Moins

Spindle 360

Tell me about your previous design experience.

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Sure. But first, tell me about your history with the Better Business Bureau. Have you ever held a leadership role or ownership interest in a business that got an F rating from the BBB? Moins

BOK Financial

They have you walk through your portfolio

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Describe your portfolio

Spindle 360

Walk me through your portfolio.

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Sure. But first, walk me through your history of scamming Texans out of their swimming pools and all your other exciting frauds! Moins

Crispin Porter

What's your favorite holiday?

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"Are you okay with the fact that you might not always get a brief?"

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Yeah, I can deliver work without any brief. I just need design title.

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