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On a demandé à Art Gallery Manager...15 août 2020

Why do you wanna work with us?

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Honestly, i don't even know why i considered working with them, going by how excessively horrible they were. Moins

Force Marketing

How I would manage a team?

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Very direct and to the point.

British Council

Tell us about a project you managed and your role in it.

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Accountant/ admin officer at Joev properties limited, Victoria Island, Lagos. I records the financial transaction of the company, attend to clients, prepare offer letters, maintain the facilities under our care and report to the CEO. Moins


What is your favorite album cover?

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Scorpions Blackout


They just asked me to present my experience related to the job. Not really hard because it was a very entry-level job.

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The interviewers described the job duties first. Then I knew talking about which part of my experience would fit their interests. Moins

Memorial Hermann Health System

Truly none that I can remember. It's been 6 years.

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Even though they state that knowledge in the art world is not necessary and a plus, she started asking who the biggest competitor of the company was

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I told her that even though there is not a direct digital competitor, physical art galleries are still very much present and also count as competition. Moins

They asked for a portfolio of my work. That's it.


Tell me about yourself? How old are you ?

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