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Conrad Companies
On a demandé à un Assistant Account Representative...28 octobre 2017

Why do you want this job?

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I told them that I had bills to pay. They laughed and commented on my honesty.

Alliant Insurance Services

Why do you want this job? You're over qualified.

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I didn't know how to answer. This in my opinion was not a professional question.

Wells Fargo

Tell us about yourself? How would you handle certain situations? Why Wells Fargo?

Elysium Mosaics

General questions regarding attendance at previous job, ability to adapt and work independently.

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DISGUISTING!!! I did some looking into the induvial and he's a s e x offender! I quit right away! The owner and company supports his acts and doesn't stop him at all. Customers and employees both beware. He is a s e x ua l offe nd e r and will not stop until he's in prison... Moins


what are your strengths?

Grayson Carter

Why did you want to work for Grayson and Carter? How do you feel about doing sales? Do you want to become a sales director? How do you feel like becoming a sales director in a year from now?

Wells Fargo

Interview questions were very basic, garden variety question. None were the least bit challenging. The majority started as "Tell me a time when..."

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