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On a demandé à un Assistant Bookkeeper...23 août 2019

What are your politics?

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(mouth open - aghast!)

Tremont-Crotona Day Care Ctr

How do I interact with other employees.

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I am people-oriented and a team player.


There were definite accounting basic type questions. The ones they really look for is how you would fit into the very laid back atmosphere of the company. It truly is like a family.

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They were on the fence with me. At times I was so nervous that I appeared like I wouldn't fit in with the group; however, the Office Manager saw potential and took a chance on me. I will eternally be grateful for that experience because they are a remarkable group of people to work with. I learned a great deal from them. Moins

Veeco Instruments

Would I feel comfortable in their particular work environment

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Pretty Girl

What salary bare you looking for?

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Berkshire Building Services

No questions were asked during this interview.

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The interviewer did all of the talking and I did my best to respond where I could find an opening. Moins

Prophetic Word Global Fellowship

what experience do you have?

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Food service, Matinence, ticket sales, Security


Why did you accept and interview with Azets

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It is a large firm with a great reputation and from speaking to you I know it would be a great place to work with many opportunities to progress Moins

Wedding Salon

What is your primary duties at your current job?

Robert Half

What makes you stand out for everyone else?

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