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Cairn Energy India
On a demandé à un Assistant Civil Engineer...6 septembre 2019

What are your greatest professional strengths?

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My Truth and my obediently will made me the best...

Reliance Industries

about cement and concrete

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told with confidently

Turner Construction

why did you choose turner

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One of the best construction company.

Are u comfortable for this salary

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yes am comfortable and future is there will be a increments and promotions sir

Prestige Group (Bangalore)

what war the propose to join this company

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good placement

Burns & McDonnell

Tell us about yourself?

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Straight forward first question...

How much are you worth

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At entry level I am worth 8000

he asked me to known some quantity of the material.

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i was calculated all quantity on the spot.


Why do you want to work at ebmud

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Because of it being known as a great company .that strives to hire the top candidates in their prospective trades. As well as the co. Encouragement to further train their employees to advance to higher promotions they reallystrive to have employees that seem to get along and love there jobs . They really like to developed good employees in all there different occupational fields and it shows great pride with there communities. And the benefits like thiermedical its your whole family .dental,optical retirement plans as well aspersonel that can help you with different plans so they make sure your plan works for you and your family .the work is performed maybe hard at times but safety is always performed and taught in all their types of projects and safety is never substituted in any situation for time money or any other self enrichment.that is all that has to be said.they care about there employees and it's not hard to notice this. Moins

City of Los Angeles

What utilities can be found underground.

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Gas, water, storm drain, sanitary sewer, electric, etc.

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