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PSA International
On a demandé à un Clerical/Accountant Assistant...27 mai 2016

If I had to compare myself to an animal which would I choose.

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Don't do it!!! It's a scam! The same thing happen to me a couple of days ago! it's a work from home job and the person who is interviewing you is going to try to send you a check for your supplies. The check is fraudulent! He is gonna try to tell you to deposit the check into your account and then have you to transfer it into another account. I went to the bank and they stopped it before he could get the money! Moins

What were the name of the ppl contacting you? Did they FedEx the check to you? Did you ever buy any supplies? Moins

He was very aggressive and very eagered for me to get the bank

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Ali Zaid AL Quraishi & Brothers

Tell me about your self?

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I work as a marketing specialist, and I have excellent experience in collecting and communicating with clients, the ability to organize papers and financial documents and others.. Moins

My stronghest trait is in customer service. I listen and pay close attention to my customers needs and I make sure they are more than satisfied. Moins

just tell him something you can positively do for the gaining the position and that you are a quick learner etc Moins


How much time will you take to know the atmosphere of the company?

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As the company is big,i will probably take 12-15 days to know the atmosphere of the company. Moins


Are you willing to travel?

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Sure yes

Infosys BPM

Why you want join Infosys. Golden Rules of Accounting. Definition of Bank reconciliation Statement. Difference between prepaid expenses and Accrued Income. Prepare Balance Sheet

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Give Answer as per questions

Because of its brand value, amazing infrastructure, flexible work timings and awesome place to work In Personal Account Dr. the Receiver Cr. the Giver In Real Account Dr. what comes in Cr. what goes out In Nominal Account Dr. all the Expenses & Loss Cr. all Income & Gain BRS Justification and tally the balance as per Passbook with Cashbook is called Bank Reconciliation Statement Moins

Liberty Oil Mills

Where do you see yourself five years from now? This question is one of the most difficult and stressful ones for me face. "In five years I hope to be working with an employer in an increasingly responsible position, that enables me to utilize my talents and work closely with my colleagues in solving important problems. I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and hopefully this will be with your company."

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In five years I see myself working in a growth oriented company in which I utilize my talent and taking more responsibility than now.making my parents proud of my work ,taking new hard challenges by enjoying them in my way and I think this is the company as I want to work in. Thank you Moins

In five years i hopeto be workintaking g with an employer in an increasing resposible position making my parents work. Moins


Do i like to read?

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Yes, i enjoy detective series mysteries.

I enjoy reading material pertaining to anything and everything that will give me knowledge and new insight in the professional area and also for personal growth. Moins

Rain the Growth Agency

Are you interested in this kind of job with these kinds of extreme demands/expectations?

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You have to remember that you're dealing with an advertising agency. This is a narcissistic environment and there isn't a soul in the company that would hesitate to talk about themselves. Act interested in the narcissist, ask them questions, make them excited about themselves and you'll have a better chance at them liking you. If you can't be the giver in the conversation, forget it, you're lost on them. Moins

If you are able to commit to long hours,stressful working conditions and very little work-life balance, then act very excited during the phone interview and show no hesitations when asked how you would like to work under those conditions. Pack in as much information as you can about yourself, into a 2 minute statement, as that is what they will base their opinion on as to whether or not they want to meet with you in person. Moins

Par Electrical Contractors

Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

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That was an illegal question they asked if it is about your parental, marital, or health status. Moins

As long as the company allowed my son to come first in my priorities, I would be able to balance and maintain work and personal life. Moins

Bon Secours

You look very young?

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Age biased...

Quasi-legal, could be fishing for all sorts of answers to questions to questions they can't legally ask. Also age-biased. Not promising for future. Moins

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