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Tata Consultancy Services
On a demandé à un Assistant Systems Engineer...20 octobre 2012

What will you do when your girl friend is getting married on the same day as a important client meeting?

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yes, firstly i will do marriage

I would rather invite my client ti my wedding. afrer giving him a feast will set up the meeting there itself. Moins

First I have one question my girlfriend getting married me or another person??? Suppose she getting married another person my answer is I feel 💯 because ture feeling and then I attended client meeting successfully ... Why because she think am not important person in her life .. so that reason of she getting married another person... I think client meeting more important .. because my client give me a full trust with me . Moins

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Tata Consultancy Services

What did u learn in college project? Are you willing to travel?

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I have learnt from my college project how to take decision in group and work as team.we make several important points to deal with it and work on as a college project is wideband spectrum sensing using sub-nyquist techniques for cognitive radio,we learn how to do a multitasking work and also gets motivated about the project. Yes I am willing to travel. Moins

In college project I learnt many things while making a project with my team members first thing I learnt to solve a complicated things without getting a irritated when i am not able to solve the complexity with my team members even teachers help us when we stuck while making a college project we learnt many skills it's very helpful for us. Yes I can travel if I got the opportunity to get something or to learn something new. Moins

I have learn Android app development in my college project...yes I am willing to travel with this company.. Moins

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Nucleus Software Exports

Q1. Print the 1st and 100th element of Fibonacci series together, 2nd and 99th element and so on. Q2. Print the following pattern 1 2 4 3 6 9 4 8 12 16 5 10 15 20 25. (Condition was using one for loop)

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Since both the question required 2 for loops. A1. I created a function fibo() that returns finbonacci nth element using recursion . And run a for loop from 1 to 100 and print the fibo(i) and fibo(100-i) [i running from 1 to 100]. A2. I created a recursive call to a function that acted as the outer loop and a base condition to exit. and in the else part do the printing using a single for loop. Moins

#include using namespace std; int main() { int j=1; for(int i=1; i<=10; ){ cout << j*i << " "; if(j == i){ i++; j=0; cout << endl; } j++; } return 0; } Moins

For question 2: //here i = 5 void print_sequence(int i) { int num = 1; int count = 0; for(;num= num) { count = 0; num++; cout< Moins

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CMS IT services

are you able to live in Andheri on rent with salary 8000 ?

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Tata Consultancy Services

nothing as such but you need satisfy them for your ability in IT.

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i think depends on demand and oppertunity.

I think practically work experience is very helpful after diploma/degree otherwise dificulty. Moins

selse job reqverment

Manipal Hospitals

Is the patient Record accessible to everyone

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No, the patient record is only accessible to the doctor treating the patient and to the IT Manager. It cant be made public because of data privacy Moins



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Bharat Heavy Electricals

What are your weeknesses?

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I can't leave without newspaper

I am a bad money manager .

Tata Consultancy Services

What will you do if your team mate had an accident and you have to submit the assignment ofter two days.

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Complete the assignment with our other teammates and submit it on time.

Need to do extra work.

I motivate my team mates to do extra work and submit it on time

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Delgence Technologies

I attend Delgence Technology interview.Before I enter into interview room I was little scared.When Interviewer told me take a seat and told relax.He always tried to make the circumstances comfortable.He asked me basic question like Introduce yourself, What is difference between c and java,What is difference between Abstract class and Interface e.t.c. 7 days later I got my result that I'm shortlisted for Delgence Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Tata Consultancy Services

Are you comfortable with all work location

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I said yes

Yes i ma comfortable with all work location


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