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On a demandé à Assistant Merchandiser...4 juillet 2018

Tell us something about your self

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A brief insight into my educational and professional career

I completed dimploma in apparel merchandising. I am fresher and i am a graduate in bcom Moins

I have completed my graduation from agree swami atmanand saraswati institute of technology at Surat. I like honesty in my work I don't like dishonesty. My inspiration is Manish Malhotra. I would like to do very tough task because I want to know how to deal with it. Moins

MH Alshaya

"Since you have no previous experience in this field , how do you know that you can fulfill the job expectations?"

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As fresh but I am hard working people,quick learner and positive manner

I can do it I have confidence

I probably can’t but I’d be cool if you would hire me anyway


What are you favorite designers?

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Burberry Prorsum and Celine.

Burberry and Celine are not designers!


- How do your past job experiences match our job offer? - How do you deal with emergency situations/pressure? - If your tasks are repetitive, how do you keep yourself motivated?

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Hi what was the analytic test like?

Hi! I'm going to the interview in Berlin next week.. do you have any advice?? Can you tell me how to prepare to the analytical test? Thank you so much in advance!! :) Moins

Starboard Cruise Services

Why should we hire you?

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Well Sir what i feel is cruise job is something which genuinely requires a lot of passion along with qualification and experience. One has to be highly passionate about this job. When it comes to me, i have been very passionate about working on a cruise ship since a very long time Moreover this job also requires a lot of patience as you have to stay from your family for a long time. In that case i am a person having a little feeling of home sickness since a very early age. I have been working and staying awsy from my home. Moreover this job allows you to interact with various people belonging to different countries and as i told you already that i am a social person and i like meeting people with different backgrounds. Along with all these things my experience personality communication skills and confidence makes me an eligible candidate for this job. Moins

I am qualified for this position, based on my educational background and more importantly my working experience. Lastly, I am well traveled and accustomed to being away from home for long period of time. Finally, I bring a tremendous amount of positive energy and leadership skills. Moins


Expecting salary

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A reasonable salary

A reasonable salary


Tell me all the things you can do with a rock?

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This was a creativity question that really doesn't have right/wrong answer but the hiring manager told me what she was most looking for was "melt down the rock for building materials" Moins

Depends on what the rock is made of and how nig it is. Love to see someone try and melt Uluru. Moins


If your normal % rate of closing an item is 42% If you have 12 items of x selling at 30% If you have 15 items of y selling at 40% What is your % rate of closing on the items?

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35% It's really a simple question, even though it has more information then is really needed. Moins

First answer: 42% is the closing rate on all items (given). Second answer: Clarify that you're looking for % closing on X + Y item group, exclusive. Then: 12 x .3 = 3.6 14 x .4 = 6 Sum: 27 and 9.6 Divide: 9.6 / 27 = 0.3555 ~35.56% closing rate for item group X + Y. Data insufficient to calculate closing rate on non- X or Y items. Data needed: Total Items. Equation for non X or Y items closing rate: Total Items = Z Non - X or Y Items closing rate = P P = (0.42Z - 9.6) / (Z - 27) Moins

Old Navy

Why do you think you are special

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Really bad communication with Manager position applicants., specially if they come from another company. They post the positions and already have the team assembled. Or you have to know someone on the inside to get hired Moins

I am a very hard worker and team builder. I love making the work place enjoyable for my co workers/employees. I very rarely have a reason not to be at work and I'm always on time. Moins

Charming Charlie

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? (worst question ever)

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Learning everything there is to learn about the fashion industry and what it takes to be a good buyer and succeed at that. Moins

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