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Invitation Homes
On a demandé à un Assistant Portfolio Manager...23 janvier 2019

What is your experience and background? What is you goal within the role you are apply for? Do you know what our company does/specailizes in? Do you know what the day to day duties are in your role?

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Real estate property manager and small business owner..ect.. very mundane things asked and they were so simple a toddler could answer them. Moins


How do you stay up to date with best practices.

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Read ESG investing on various sources such as LinkedIn, PRI.

Batterymarch Financial Management

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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I don't like that question.


General questions like how did you get to know about the vacancy and why do you want to apply.

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Just be honest and upfront and let the interviewer know your expectations

Invitation Homes

What i plan to with my real estate license?

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I plan to further my career in property management.

Huntingdon Valley Bank

Can you tell any types of technologies that you are familiar with?

Square Yards

Tell me something about your self, and your achievements in your current company

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

No difficult question

Invitation Homes

Are you able to make an objective decision even when it may not be the most liked?

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