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The Goddard School
On a demandé à un Assistant Preschool Teacher...9 mars 2018

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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I see me in five years to now working here, as a great teacher growing up with this wonderful school as a professional and human begin. Moins

Working as a preschool teacher, making a difference in children’s and families’ lives, and continuing to build my professional development Moins

Children's Learning Adventure

How I would handle a situation where we were understaffed and I had too many kids in my care.

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Agreed! My answer would be that state laws dictate student to teacher ratios. Now I understand that sometimes there’s an exception and when in that situation you have to take all the children and engage them in something like reading a book playing a game or setting up an art activity depending on the age of the children Moins

I didn't say this, bu I thought it a little concerning that they were expecting to have taken in more kids than they were able to accommodate. Moins

The Learning Experience

Who do you think are the customers at the learning center, the parents or the children?

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Because they're the ones you're providing premier customer service to

The children and explained why

The Children's Courtyard

What are you going to school in, what is your schedule and how many hours are you looking for?

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I told them my classes were all online, that I was looking for full time work for at least 2 years before I enter more rigorous medical schooling. I added my flexibility with age ranges and that I can really see myself fitting in around here, especially because my daughter already likes it. Moins

Apple Montessori Schools

What is your availability?

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I am fully available!

BRiDGES Preschool

Basically just if I had experience

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I shared my past experience for 10+ years ago. It was enough for them!

JENSEN education

They asked my working experiences with kids

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I told them my working experiences (babysitting etc.)

Xplor Preschool & School Age Care

What can you bring to the table as an assistant pre-k teacher?

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My x amount of years of experience have led me to be able to help x age with reading small words and writing their names. Being able to properly hold a pencil, etc. Moins

Primrose Schools

They asked if I would take a class to continue my education for Early Education.

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Yes, How soon after starting to I have to begin or finish the course? Answer: 9 months- fair to me Moins

Northwest Center

Do you have experience working with special needs children?

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I have worked in informal settings with children on the autism spectrum.

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