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Chicago Public Schools
On a demandé à un Assistant Principal...14 avril 2014

What will you do to improve test scores? Everyone that asks this has a different idea as to the correct answer. Just say you will analyze the data and make instructional changes based on it.

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Make sure students are familiar with the language of the test. Students often get a question wrong not because they don't know the material, but because they did not understand the wording of the question. Moins

Get to know people and treat people with respect. This works wonders in CPS.

Charter Schools USA

Name a researcher that has influenced on your thinking.

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Charlette Danielson


Tulare Joint Union High School District

with a diverse setting how will you close the achievement gap for the English learners

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Train staff on ESL and ELL teaching strategies requiring pictures, graphic organizers and items to assist learning. Also using group dynamics and team teaching strategies. Moins

I used scaffolding techniques within the classroom.

How do you handle student discipine?

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Positive discipline steps

North Clackamas Schools

What do you know about RTI?

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I mentioned that was a large question and then broke down the process and goal of the RTI process. Moins

Community Charter School

What was a growth experience that was not positive?

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Tell us a growth experience that did not go well for you.

DeKalb County School District

How would I handle a situation when dealing with an irrational parent.

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I would try address the situation by listening to the parent to figure out what the issue is and assure the parent that I would investigate the issue and contact them to let them know the issue had been resolved. Moins

Chesapeake Public Schools

What does an assistant principal do?

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Give as many job functions as you can think of.

KIPP Schools

Tell me about yourself

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Weld RE-8

Tell us about yourself.

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Explained my experiences and background associated with the position. I also described my professional philosophy as it pertains to education and as a school leader. Moins

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