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-Describe your self by choosing a picture (pictures are on the table) -Why the Professional product department, how is the industry today, what are the challenges of the hair salons today in France?

What do you know about Bosch ? Why Singapore ? What do you understand of the missions ? What do you think you will learn within Bosch ? Can you tell me a little more about some of our products ?

They put a product in front of me and asked a few things about it such as "what do you think is the price of this? the components? which benefits for the client?" etc...

Pourquoi L'Oréal? Le secteur des cosmétiques ? Etes vous créatif ? Quel produit lancerait vous sur ce segment (selon l'équipe que vous allez rejoindre) ? Connaissance de la concurrence / Motivation très importante

Décrivez vous à travers une image que vous allez choisir

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What would you do to promote Vampire Diaries Season 5 DVD if you had unlimited resources?

Could you talk about you ?

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Quality/ Career / Studies

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Which other asset management companies have you sent you CV to? On which stage are you in the recruitment process at those companies? Why do you prioritize our company?

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