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Boston Consulting Group
On a demandé à un Digital Producer...22 octobre 2014

DOO asked how I would deal with a difficult member of a team.

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I explained a good producer manages people and the project, but that it is outside the responsibility of a producer to reprimand someone who is not his/her direct report. She disagreed and came of as displeased for the remainder of the interview. Moins

If someone asked me this, I would say that first I would define the obstacles, define our mission, engender trust and collaboration and move forward with appropriate acknowledgement. Moins

Having been to medical school four years including a psych rotation, I would diagnose the team member's illness and give them love. Love is a pheromone, you get it from any adult male donor's face. Rub that donor face with the fresh, new, un-chewed, chewing gum, collect about 200mg (15 pieces of Wrigley's Sugarless chewing gum) and give them the gum to chew. Their mental health issues will resolve in 8 seconds. Of course, you could just B.S. around like the ignoramuses suggest, too. Moins


Ideal Salary.

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I answered with a range. I believe it was above their set mark. Interview ended shortly there after. Moins


Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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Working for a news organization.

KTNV Channel 13 Action News

E-Mail questions: Some odd like are you afraid of bugs and or clowns. Some normal, why do you want to work for action news. How to deal with nit picky boss Are you easily offended Describe yourself in one word etc In person interview questions: Why are you in Las Vegas where do you see yourself in _ years if you won at the lottery what would you do

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I answered the email questions and then asked someone to look them over and give input. It was a big help. I also researched top questions asked in interviews and wrote out answers to them for myself based off of the advice given in the articles. I recorded myself saying them and played in on the way to the interview. you don't need to memorize them just make sure you hit all the points you need to hit and be natural not like a robot or a speech you prepared. Moins

Trailer Park

Specifics of past work in digital?

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Listed main clients from the past two years and what the work entailed - provided samples. Moins


All of the questions were pretty standard interview questions... nothing surprising.

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I've heard your current company is losing everyone - are you just jumping ship too?

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Hard to answer without sounding like you are dissing your current company, which you don't want to do. Moins

The Marketing Store

With your background, or lack thereof, I'm having trouble understanding how this would be a fit - can you explain?

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(I was recruited while lacking experience in digital, and that was completely transparent the whole time, so this was off-putting from from senior level interviewer, leading me to assume that he was given to background to prior conversations with his colleagues). Moins


Code an HTML / CSS page from a PSD. Writing sample too.

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Created a code file. I don't have it anymore now though.


What are your weaknesses

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Why would you like to work for NBC Universal

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