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On a demandé à un Associate Attorney...5 novembre 2015

Are you willing to relocate?

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Al Tamimi & Company

What made you choose Al Tamimi?

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Because it's a big company and i want making experience in like this company

Because it's a big company and i want making experience in like this company

I chose Al tamimi to find a challenging opportunity that would enable me exploit my academic legal potential. Moins

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Gordon & Rees

Are you barred in Virginia

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It says on my resume that I am barred in DC and Maryland.

Yes, I am barred in VA.

Attorneys are not “barred,” they are “admitted.” Hence, they may pass beyond the “bar” that separates the spectator area from the well of the court. It is non-attorneys who are barred from entry there. Moins

Perkins Coie

I was asked a question about a case in my writing sample.

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How many interviews did you have prior to them making an offer?

The Ticktin Law Group

Why are manhole covers round?

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Because sewer pipes are round.

So they don't fall through the manhole opening.

Ottinger Firm

If I knew about the firm or Robert Ottinger?

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If I had practical business sense?

Clearly the woman hiring and firing was his wife. He had no secretary, she pretended to be multiple people on phone calls. Moins

Clifford Chance

You act for a seller. The purchaser has asked for a MAC clause, a long period between signing and completion and lots of conditions. What do you respond?

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It is a risk allocation exercise and that sounds too purchaser friendly

As a lawyer acting for the seller I shall require the buyer to prove the consequential effects on the company's earnings that exist for many years and that are unforeseeable at the time the seller and buyer entered the contract of sell of goods Moins

Brown & Crouppen

They asked questions about my background and how it was relevant to the job I was interviewing for.

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I had experience in personal injury as a legal intern.

If I had any prior litigation experience. Have you ever drafted a motion. Do you know what no fault insurance is.

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Honestly. I told them I did not. They were completely okay with this, and told me they'd start me on very small cases where it didn't matter if I won or lost, but that I'd probably mostly lose. Moins

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