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Robert Bosch India
On a demandé à Associate Mechanical Engineer...25 décembre 2018

Why did I choose Mechanical Engineering?

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Passionate about Mechanical Engineering

Every girls almost choice cs.,ec.,civil .,I like mechanical engineering so I chose that.. Moins

Los Angeles Water and Power

What is the first Law of Thermodynamics in your own words

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Energy Conservation, energy cannot be created or destroyed


What is your bigest strenth and weakness?

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I was honest with my awnsers and didn't try to "twist" my weakness to be a strenght Moins

Lockheed Martin

How are your past work experiences applicable to what this job requires?

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Talked about my time in multiple research laboratories and an additional minor in college that gave me the ability to adapt and specialize in the tasks associated with my new laboratory role. Moins

Los Angeles Water and Power

know your thermodynamic cycles and fluids as well.

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What do you mean, know it well, calculations? complex final worthy samples?

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Name a component you've designed in Solidworks and describe why you designed it that way, how did that affect the manufacturing of that component, and how did your design affect the assembly process.

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Hi, Could you tell more about the technical questions asked in the 2nd round?


Describe the four parts of the refrigeration cycle.

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I answered with the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator as well as the heat flow and temps and pressures at each stage. Moins


Tell me of a time you did not meet eye to eye with a person and what was the result?

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All questions answered related to a part of my resume.


If you were in a boat inside a pool and you dropped a rock into the water, theoretically would the water level rise, fall, or stay the same?

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It's an Archimedes principle question. When the rock is in the boat, it displaces a volume of water that is equal to its mass. When the rock is dropped in, it displaces a volume of water equivalent to the rock's volume. Assuming the rock is more dense than the water and that it sinks, the water level will fall. Moins


Describe the Rankine cycle.

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Just describe it? What about calculations

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