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On a demandé à un Merger and Acquisition...4 août 2015

aptitude is easy basic questions and case study is tough kind.

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they provide hand written sheets for aptitude

FE International

Series of tests: making corrections on a prospectus, writing an email to a client, group presentation.

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They aspire to become an investment bank in the tech space. I didn't pay attention much to the previous comments about this company but would like to suggest to every kid from a tier 1 or 2 school to just pass on it. There are better opportunities for you guys out there. Moins

Reynolds and Reynolds

Why are you interested in this position?

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I explained that I am looking for a role where role responsibilities can contribute toward the working experience needed for a CFA certification. Moins

Dell Technologies

Tell me about a time that you were not supported by your immediate manager, but knew the idea had merit. How did you handle it?

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Respectful to the manager, continued to sell the idea, gain support with all levels of management, and drove the idea into a funded project. Moins

West Monroe

Why Mergers and Aquisitions at west monroe partners?

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West monroe has really important values that they hold on to. They really value people first, a fun environment. Really embrace being the best customer service. Moins


M&a ebitda current ratio ebit etc

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Search annual report and give answer


they also ask you are you ready for rotational shift ..?? are you ready to sign a contract with us ..??

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Yes I would like to join you

Société Générale

What would you take for the long term growth rate ? ... Actually all qs were related to the 400 Break into Wallstreet pdf.

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Under 5% because above it is too aggressive. With the actual economic situation, to be conservative 2-3%. Moins


What the organizations I belonged to at my college were like and how I participated.

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Gave them an overview of the club or organization and then went into detail about how I contributed. Moins

Torrent Power

Basic questions about skills and future plans

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Replied honestly

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