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On a demandé à un Associate Principal Scientist...23 janvier 2023

Went through resume. Technical then behavior questions


Cuales son las preguntas que tienes que hacerte antes de empezar un proyecto de Machine Learning?

Johnson & Johnson

What I would bring to the table


How much data is enough to build a machine learning model? What actions can be taken using the machine learning model you created?


Technical screen involved mainly SQL questions as this was for a data modeling focused role. Some on SQL logic (it's open ended, so you can answer with whatever dialect you're familiar with) and some on writing performant queries.


No interview took place because recruiter canceled call last minute saying other candidates were chosen prior to scheduled time of the phone call interview. Note- The interview never happened but over here, it will accept only 1 day as zero days is not an viable option here.

Elevance Health

Tell me about a project you've worked on, and how you used machine learning in that project.


What is challenges in your previous job

Boehringer Ingelheim

Why did you choose to apply at Boehringer ?

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Technical questions plus one behavioral

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