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Tudip Technologies
On a demandé à un Associate Project Engineer...21 février 2019

What is database indexing?

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Don't know


If you have a huge amount of data in the table, and if a particular column is taking too much time to retrieve/fetch. We can apply indexing on that column for faster retrieval types of indexing 1) clustered index: faster retrieval of data 2) non clustered index: relatively slower to clustered indexing. Moins

Performance Contracting

Where would you prefer to work?

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Sacramento CA or Portland OR

On site but can work efficiently in the office, mobile, or out of my home office. Moins

Performance Contracting

We often have to work long hours under stress. Are you the type of person who can thrive in that sort of environment?

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I would prefer to not have to so I try to incorporate new ideas toward efficiency and proper planning. Moins

Patience and constant change various options for the redirect to be adaptable to the environmental settings and surroundings. It's best to have it and not need this mind frame then need it and it not be applied to the situation. Always expect the unexpected and be the best option for the best. Because the rest don't want to evolve into the best . Moins

Detroit Engineered Products

What is your favorite subject ?

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Just tell the truth but give them some assurance that you are more involved and curious towards their goals. But on safe side, just be thorough with any subject. Moins

Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Most diffcult encounter of the job

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Talk about a past project where difficulties were faced

Union Pacific

What do I do for fun?

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This was one of the first few interviews I have had in a while and for some reason I didn't know what to say immediately. Took me off guard. But after a few seconds thinking about what to say, I was just honest...I am a nerd, I play with computers, software, video games, etc. The hiring manager wanted to hear that I had a life and that I would fit in. Moins

Performance Contracting

Why should we hire you?

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Because I know I still have a lot to learn and will learn it in the field instead of behind a desk. Moins

Write a verilog code for 1011 sequence detector ?

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First I draw the FSM diagram of the sequence detector using both Mealy and Moore state machine, After that I wrote the verilog code for the same. Moins

Detroit Engineered Products

Lots of Questions from SOM.

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Lots of Questions from IC Engine.


About the previous role

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I did pretty good.

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