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North Park Noodle House
On a demandé à Audit Assistant...20 août 2018

Why northpark?

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Northpark is a well-known restaurant all over Philippines. I know i have enough learnings, but through the proper and rigid training of Northpark, i know i can learn more. Moins

China Bank

Always the first question is "tell me about yourself"

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Hi myself puneet I am currently working in Indias top leading bank as relationship manager from past 4 years my biggest achievement and my passion is to sell insurance I am topping the chart in insurance in my cluster from 3 consecutive 3 years this year I have got international trip from bank side for topping in insurance business in my cluster Moins

Started with academics (college), then my experiences

North Park Noodle House

Tell me about yourself

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I’m Ruzell T Ruiz, Im a single parent of a son, I’ve been working in the food & beverage industry for almost 7 years now, And i know i have not enough experience but im very much willing to learn more. Im a hard working, positive and a team player. Im ready to provide excellent customer service at all time. Moins

SKP Group

Tell us about your work experience

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i told them about my work experience, that in which feild i was working


Some accounting questions on a written version . Just an easy basic accounting standards and basic concepts

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Manage to pass since i had reached their acceptable range of marks

EYGBS (India)

Auditing experience till date and Ind AS

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Briefly explained articleship clients audits and some of IndAs and technical answers Moins


Qual sua pretensão salarial hoje?

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Hoje eu recebo X, e pela minha experiência e função eu compreendo que me enquadro em Y. Moins

Larsen & Toubro

How will you handle work pressure?

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Try to solve in simple way


Technical Interview 1. What are the golden rules of accounting? 2. Tell me something about consignment accounting? 3. What is the accounting for hire purchase? 4. Some basic ratios 5. Some basic auditing concepts HR Interview 1. Tell me something about yourself? 2. Why KPMG? 3. Why Should we hire you? 4. How will you commute to the office if you are selected? 5. Weaknesses and strengths 6. Any question that you want to ask?

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Had answered all but couldn't justify the accounting for hire purchase.


3 negatieve eigenschappen

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Zoveel mogelijk gedraaid zodat het goed leek.

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