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On a demandé à un AutoCAD/Solidworks Drafter...19 avril 2012

What is your Solidworks proficiency?

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Less than a year.

Used it for one drawing, but highly skilled at Autodesk Inventor which the both are similar. Aitodesk Inventor Moins

Concept Services

Level of drafting experience

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I explained my skill set

Waldemar S. Nelson and Company

What was the discipline of AutoCAD that I had sufficient knowledge of and if or what other disciplines I might known?

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I told them I was proficient in all disciplines and every aspect of working with AutoCAD program Moins


Can you explain in more detail all the projects you have been working on lately?

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I explained them the best I could, which ended up being fine.

Construction Drawings for Tower modification: Lease Exhibit for Tower Sites New site build Drawings Zoning Drawings Tower upgrades to 5G equipments Lot plotting Fiber optic mapping Photosims for proposed Antennas Moins

If I could start right way?

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Express Scripts

what frustrate me the most

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I sid,: being lazy, because I love to work and do my job the best possible way

Are you okay okay working here?

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How did you learn about us?

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I actually did a school-to-work program at GWHS as a senior. At the same time, I expressed interest in actual work but you had just gone through some cutbacks by letting quite a number of people go. I joined the Army and since have been hoping from job to job trying to find the right one when I saw your ad in the paper. This has been one opportunity I've wanted since high school. Moins

Versa Integrity Group

how many years you have been using AutoCAD

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i start using AutoCAD from 2010.

Draw me a line, circle, match command, etc. Just basic autocad questions.

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L enter clinic and click space cr enter click and click space ma enter select and apply Moins

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