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On a demandé à un Autocad Draftsman...13 avril 2020

About myself....

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Good morning

My name Alok Kumar Verma I stay in India currently my qualifications 12 th pass my working experience 2years as CNC operator in UAE tssc 2017 to 2019 Moins

Servicio Filipino

How well do you know the company and who referred it to you?

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This company provides employment to many Filipino workers. Give opportunities to be engaged with proper work they are aligned to. This agency was suggested by a friend knowing how reliable it is in the job provision. Moins

1. how long have i worked with my previous company? 2. what was my role in my previous company 3. what was my salary range? 4. how much time notice do i need to give my previous company on my departure?

Trend Snedkeri

Expected salary, why I wanted to change jobs, competencies.

How many work experience you have?

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