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On a demandé à un Automation Tester...1 novembre 2022

What is Object Oriented Programming?

Hughes Systique

1. duplicate character with count from string 2. Second hightest number from which includes duplicate element 3. How to check the text is highligted or not using selenium 4. how to switch the tab if we click any link using selenium 5. how to scroll the page using horizonatal and vertical bar using selenium

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1. written the code 2. written the code for second hightest number 3. gives the approach and started the write the syntax but he asked another question how it would indentify the tab, and how we will switch on that 4. gives the approach to check highlight of text but he was interested in clean and clear code 5. used the javascript executor but he was not insterested to using javascript executor Moins


Selenium and cucumber basic questions


related to automation and manual.


1. Questions about CI/CD pipelines. 2. Automating a small feature using Java or python. 3. About Jenkins. 4. OOPS based problem solving.

Cigniti Inc.

as usual basic questions on automation were queried


Actions class code snippets Array and string related Java programs Xpath Framework structure


Xpath, selenoum basic concepts, cucumber

Coddle Technologies

Tell me about yourself and about frameworks?


My previous experience. Java foundations

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