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Kairali Ford
On a demandé à un Senior Automobile Service Engineer...14 février 2016


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B tech in automobile engineering

I have completed in automobile engineering

Kairali Ford

Technical expertise

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Technical training certificate,certification from the previous employers


If car with engine control module, stops in the middle of the road, what would you do

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I am a automobile engineer first I rectify the problem step by step because engine with module control depends up on the electronic malfunction we have to check with the fuses around 99% of problems will be solved with the fuses disconnection were it can be resolved Moins

Suncore Microsystem

Basic knowledge

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i answered my basic knowledge in my respective field

Go Speedy Go

automobile parts and automobile engine questions


they asked me I would join my fathers business in the future

UD Trucks

1) What is Engine? Its history 2) How does a Turbocharger works.? 3) What is differential lock? Why it is necessary this days. How it works. 4) What is transmission? 5) How can you control and deal with customers? 6) How to satisfy a customer?

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