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Bang & Olufsen
On a demandé à un Acoustical Engineer Intern - Automotive...10 juin 2015

Can you stay in Denmark after the internship?

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Yes of course!


What is recursive function in C?

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A function that calls itself

Brigosha Technologies

Basically discussed more on Autosar based project and my experience in the industry.

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The answer were given with complete confidence and the panel was generous enough to give us the time to explain the topic. Moins


How does your experience help this position you're applying for

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Did you get an interview after two weeks?

Ford Motor Company

These were the following questions they asked for the telephone interview: 1. Knowledge of Ford: What was your motivation to apply for the role and what research have you done into Ford in the automotive industry? 2. Working effectively with others: Give an example when you have persuaded someone to change their course of action from what they originally intended. (What have you done to persuade them and how you changed their mind). 3. Resilience: Tell me about a time when you had to persevere with a task despite a setback. 4. Delivering results and being customer focused: Give an example when you had responsibilities to deliver some work to a customer (make sure to give an example of what you did to meet the customer's requirements).

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Make sure to use the STAR method when using your specific examples. Situation, Task, Action and Results. They want to know what YOU have done to complete the tasks, overcome challenges, etc. Moins

ADLINK Technology

Some basic ADAS and sensor-software questions. But the hiring manager (obviously not with strong technical background) kept asking personal questions, not technical. I somehow felt offended.

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I tried to keep my manner yet still answer his/her questions professionally.


About arrays, about converting binary and hexadecimal numbers.

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I was unconcerned to write all the commands correctly. I wrote an example and explained the procedure. Moins


Softwares known?

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Catia, ansys

Robert Bosch

In the pair coding part, the main qiestion was about using templates and templae classes in C++.

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The interviewer copies a fubnction to a browser-based IDE, and you need to complete the code! Moins

Bang & Olufsen

In which field do you want to work in the future?

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I don't know exactly because I am curious and I am interested in many subject, but for sure I want to work in audio. Moins

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