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On a demandé à un Service Manager Automotive...10 avril 2017

Introduce your self

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You have to tell about yourself, educational attainment and experience.

Briar Canadian Management

Are you interested in other regions...

1 réponses

Some. Not in the oil patch.


What types of cars do you maintain?

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KIA, hyundai

JTEKT North America

Name a time when you had to present technical material, and what did you present?


How many years of experience?


What kind of experience do you have?


What did you do so far?

Shift Digital

Asked what (if any) experience I had in the automotive (marketing) industry.

JTEKT North America

Name a time when you disagreed with your supervisor and how you resolved it.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

"Think of a time this, think of a time that"

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