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On a demandé à un Avionics Software Engineer...11 octobre 2012

"Technical challenge" - with two anxious interviewers staring at you across a table provide code / pseudo code of how to reverse a linked list in five minutes or less with them showing visible frustration if you weren't ready for this. No other questions about C or C++, just do you remember data structures class from 20 years ago which you haven't had reason to use since.

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A typical function without additional memory allocation would be: // Let Arg represent the struct type of node of linked list Arg *reverse(Arg *list){ Arg *new_list = NULL; while (list) { Arg* next = list->next; list->next = new_list; new_list = list; list = next; } return new_list; } Moins

Put you in a completely artificial programming environment that has no relation to how a developer actually works at their place and will evaluate you based on that. The obvious thing to do is study lots of interview questions, practice solving them with a white board and perhaps doing things on paper. As far as myself I actually code on a workstation and develop code incrementally where I run tests ASAP on a small portion. Of course reversing a linked list is a small task. Still evaluating your code in a completely artificial, non programming environment is ridiculous. Yet many, many companies do exactly that. I have had to provide coding samples via online sources and that works much better. There isn't a shred of evidence that operating in this mode provides companies with the best hires. It's an exercise in intellectual laziness. Really how a company interviews you reveals a lot about how the company views their employees and how you will be treated as an employee. Moins

If I had to respond instantaneously, I'd probably have just said something about iterating over the list, pushing the elements onto a stack, then popping them off the stack and building a new list. Any recursive solution to this problem would probably be equivalent to this one unless it did something really weird (the call stack would implicitly be used as the stack that I used explicitly here). However, you could also do this in constant space by just reversing the links themselves. Moins


If you were communicating between the rocket's main computer and given sensors, would you use TCP or UDP and why?

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Given that python only has one interpreter, what are the benefits of multi-threading? Moins


Firefly Aerospace

Is Python a strongly or weakly typed language? Can MQTT be configured to use UDP instead of TCP? And other off the cuff questions based on my resume.

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MQTT cannot use UDP because MQTT guarantees delivery and UDP does not.

Rockwell Collins

Most of the questions I was asked weren't about my technical experience (although my experience was naturally discussed). Most of the questions from the managers I met with pertained to how I dealt with people, specifically difficult people, and how I excelled in a difficult and demanding work environment.

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Be prepared to talk about how you interact with people to not only be efficient in your job and get work done, but to keep a positive and healthy work environment. Engineers can be a finicky and defensive bunch, so you'll need to show that you can get the information and responses/actions you need from individuals without upsetting them or hurting any feelings! Moins

Blue Origin

Why do we care about reflections?

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We want to maintain low return loss, low VSWR, signal integrity, low power consumption, and high performance. This is especially the case for vehicles entering space, who run off of battery power. Moins


What is the difference between "delete" and "delete[]"?

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One is a list and the other is not.


Why do you want to work at SpaceX? Other questions about my resume and trying to see if the experience matches what they are looking for.

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Answered honestly about my aspirations and my background.

Virgin Galactic

What is my experience with aircraft avionics?

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I described my experience at previous employers with aircraft and spacecraft avionics, LRUs, SRUs, harnessing, power, etc. Moins

Blue Origin

What is an ADC, how does it work? What is the architecture "inside" an ADC.

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Analog to Digital Converter. Takes in (for example) a sinusoid, samples at a set rate. The bit value will dictate the granularity for conversion. The levels of the sinusoid will match the divisions of the voltage compared to the bit divisions of the ADC. The output will be a "block-like" sinusoid. I answered "I'd have to go look up the architecture of an ADC" for the last part. Moins

Blue Origin

You have a straight Hydraulic Line and two pressure transducers attached perpendicular to that line, one is reading 20 volts, and the other is reading 80 volts. Describe the process you'd take to determine why there was a difference, and how do you know which one was reading correctly (if any.)

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I'm not a hydraulics guy, so I foolishly got held up on that aspect of the question instead of the issue that was presented with the pressure transducers so, that tripped me up a little bit initially. The interviewer (who was extremely nice/patient) reworded the question using a system I was familiar with (air data) and I was able to understand and go through the troubleshooting steps I'd take... (Think troubleshooting 101) (Still waiting to hear If I'll be offered. I selected "Yes, and I accepted" under "Did you get an offer" because I couldn't submit this review without doing so. -Wish me luck!) Moins

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