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On a demandé à Barman...3 novembre 2019

Can you make coffee? Which ones?

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Latte, Cappucino, Americano, macchiato, flat white.


Where do you live? Where do you work? What experience do you have? (all already on my CV)

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Gave the obvious answers.


What are your ambitions for working in the hospitality industry?

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Why did you apply to The Westin?

Restaurante Madero

Se você está preparado pra largar sua família, cidade e tudo mais pra ir embora trabalhar.

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Sim, pois estou largando tudo por eles e por mim. sei que la na frente a Vitória é certa! Moins

How many plates can you carry at once?

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Radisson Hotels Americas

How are the tips?

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Tips can vary depending on the day of the week and how many people in the bar. More people, more tip. Moins


What do you think you can bring to the business?

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A charming, confident individual who is prepared to work, learn and take on challenges throughout the business, making a great successful contribution. Moins

Wanneer ben je beschikbaar?

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Perguntas de cunho documental;

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Respostas de dados como numero de RG, CPf, Carteira de Trabalho.

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