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On a demandé à un Retirement Benefit Specialist...6 août 2019

Where do you see yourself in three to five years?

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Have you heard back from them?

I think they’re hiring more than 1 person for this title. Should I keep my hopes up? Moins

Thank you!

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What would you be a good fit for this role

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Professional Quality.

Eager to learn and become expert at this position.

To become licensed.

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The Young Group

They didn't ask me any actual questions

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They wanted me to watch a presentation with a group of other people

"Your comment doesn’t make sense. When you come in for an interview the interviewer asks questions. Sounds to me like you don’t know how to properly interview and you wanted to interview the person conducting the interview before you were even considered for a position. There is a process in place that the job seeker needs to follow." This is a very rude response. Every review Ive read, says the same exact thing as what the writer has listed. They are only listing their experience. No need for the rude responses. Moins

They said it was an interview, but it actually was not. It was a presentation meeting to sell financial products. These products require a license to sell. the license is obtained at your own expense and they make money selling you your books for your certification exams. i this presentation meeting they either want an independent business owner, a customer, or a source of referrals. Moins

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I was asked about snap

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I prepared answers in regards to how to apply and where to go for assistance

In regards to this comment I believe the problem was that the references never answer any on the phone calls made to check for reference. Moins

No the were emailed not called and all four references provided glowing feed back they are simply unprofessional Moins

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Tell me about yourself ?

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List my past job with title and description.

I was wondering how long it took for them to get in touch with you after you applied online? I applied for that location last month but haven't heard back yet. When you apply, the email confirmation says you will get an email if they're not interested. Just wondering if I should forget about them or keep waiting. Thanks! Moins

Thank you!!

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Fenix International

You seem to be in a great company,why are you leaving?

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I am actually in a great company and i'm not in really a hurry to leave but if i get a good opportunity i would love to have a specific role where i can hone my HR skills in a specific function. Moins

To be challenged proffionally

I want a more challenging job than the one am doing

Social Security Administration

what is your weakness and strength?

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Any update on hiring timeline and class start date?

I am wondering the same thing. When did you interview and how long before they made an offer? Moins

Hi, when in March did you interview, and how long before they made an offer? Thanks! Moins

Social Security Administration

Describe a time where you had a disagreement with a co-worker.

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When was your interview?

I always try to be positive and use logic when doing technical work. This guy for some reason just doesn't like me, I have never done anything to him, but I know he is jealous because he likes someone which is actually my friend, he always gossiping behind my back. My attitude was to invite on a conversation and open up what I was thinking. I was very honest and humble. I told him "dude I am your work friend, I am here to help my co-workers". But I emphasize that he does not need to like me, but respecting is a must. problem over. Moins

I had an interview in May 2020 and as of now I haven’t heard from the, no call no email? Am waiting for them to call me. Good Luck!! Moins


They asked if we were interested in coming back for a one-on-one interview to learn more about the job.

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Received same email, had a feeling , that's why I came to Glass door. Similar company approached me via recruiter, told me was an office manager position, same scam different company, SMH. Moins

Thanks for these comments. I came because I saw the same scam email.

I replied that I was led there under false pretenses. They sought me out and said they were looking for a benefits/district coordinator...yet they were really looking for a salesmen. I will not work for a dishonest company. If they had said they were looking to fill a sales job, I would have respectfully declined the interview. Waste of time! Moins


How will you be a benefit to aflac?

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I never meet a stranger; i find it easy to talk to people from all walks of life Moins

My positive attitude and ability with people

My professional characteristics.

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