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On a demandé à un Bid Manager...10 juillet 2020

Take us through your CV and your current role.

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Gave high level information on Bid Management generally and what l was doing in my current role, achievements and challenges. This was after going through a telephone interview before being invited for a face to face. The UK MD was in attendance with the hiring Manager. My take overall, is that they are lightweights thinking they are masters of the universe. I went to the interview with a prepared presentation. Left them with the personalised preparation followed by a thank you email to the HR contact. Had to call several times to know the outcome after 2 weeks. Moins

Sir im from.bangladesh

Some case studies.

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Elaborated case to case basis


Where are you from and general question about family.

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Stated I was in a military family and 3 older brothers, so I have worked around engineers & High Tech for years. Moins


Do you play strategy games?

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Tell us about your experience?

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Standard response - do research


How do you handle multiple projects under tight deadlines?

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Three things are really critical whenever you are doing multiple project in tight deadlines. 1) Task Priority 2) Re-Usable Contents 3) Put some extra efforts - have to work more than 8 hours in such type of critical scenario 1) When ever you are working on the multiple project , first you have to priorities your project with respect to deadlines - also the ruff estimation of each project requirement you require. This will help you to know that how much time you have to complete the task. 2) Whenever you are working on the Multiple Project in tight deadlines , always try to use the previous reference contents instead of writing new concept and documents , it will really save your time. 3) After getting the estimation require to complete the task you have to organize your time table according. Last if after doing all these thing you still feel that you are not able to complete the task , raise your hand to management and ask for additional resource in time to complete all the tasks. Moins

Tata Consultancy Services

Strategy for moving business into foreign country like Bangladesh

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I answered it from economic point of view and long term business benefits along with relationship with government. Moins

Serco Group

What is your experience like?

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Told them about my experience.


They wanted to know about my experience

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Took them through my CV but discussed achievements rather then responsibilities


Why did you apply for this role?

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It is a perfect match for my skillset and expereince, and I could bring a lot of value to Backbase. Moins

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