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On a demandé à un Billing Specialist...22 juin 2022

My manager asked off the wall questions, which I enjoyed not being asked, "so tell me about yourself"

Lakeview Management

What is a CPT code?

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

What type of salary range I was looking for, my skill set, if I was willing to bend on anything and what my must haves were.


Pretty typical interview questions for this position but below are a few: 1) They asked about my experience in Billing and we went into details on some of my other background. 2) They shared some challenges they are currently facing and we discussed ways to improve them. They wanted to see if I could think about the processes and ways to improve them. 3) We talked about moving into new software and wanted to know if I had been part of that type of migration before. We have moved from QB into Sage and from ZenDesk into SalesForce in my time here. 4) They wanted to talk about my management style and how I handle changes.

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As the organization of Sr. Leadership changed in Dec-2021, I am not sure what to recommend. I would suggest that anyone interviewing with the current leadership be prepared to provide specific examples of their previous work so they can understand your experience. Moins


STAR method competency based questions

Advanced Health Care

How do your values and goals align with those of our company?

Northside Hospital

Normal Interview questions Name a difficult situation

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Use previous customer services experience


Just about your previous experience to make sure it is relevant for the hiring JD

Canada Cartage

Weakness Strengths Tell me about yourself Previous billing experience


Tell me about yourself? What is your schedule like?

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