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Doctors medical center
On a demandé à un Billing Specialist...14 mars 2019

How do I see myself in the company?

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Growth and retiring here.

Company is polished staff are well qualified & serious ly attainting.g With my pleasing personality. Thanks Moins

With hard working & pleasing personality.. Thanks

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Waha Capital

Have you ever worked from home or online before.

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Great Plains Laboratory


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Yes they will and then watch out! They will turn on you and fire you. Look into this companys history and law suits before you waste your time Moins

The fast interview process is due to the high turnover rate. This company is absolutely the worst place I have every been employed with. I've worked for family owned business in the past, however none compare to the amount of nepotism and favoritism as GPL, There is absolutely no professionalism or serious business structure within this organization. Moins

General answerz

Medicus Results

What's an EMR system?

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Electronic Medical Record system

Electronic medical record system

Electronic Medical System, i.e. Epic

Sunrise Farms

What is your typing speed? How familiar are you with excel? How are you at using windows? Have you used n ERP system before?

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As the questions were very direct to the job and not ambiguous I was able to give direct numbers or yes or no answers. Moins


I don't know about my typing speed but it's not slow it's medium speed i am maintaining any data in excell currently window 10, yes I am do it in ERP. Moins

Baker McKenzie

none - in fact, virtually nothing of substance was asked.

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Very slapdash interview. I should have seen it as the red flag it turned out to be. Moins

I worked at this company for 6 weeks and was set up to fail.

What happened?


do you have knowledge of computers

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How long after your interview did they contact you for the class??

Comfort Medical

What's your week points?

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Lack of dime experience

Medical biller with many hats

New England Motor Freight

Do you know how to type

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360 Medical Billing Solutions

What was the reason you left your last job?

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My hours were not consistent and the pay was not good. There was not an opportunity for growth. Moins

Health issue...2 years night shift

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